The end of the blackout

Apologies to our readers. There is nothing wrong with your television set. We were just unable to find the time to write down all that has happened.

Next week we are going to finish a temp job as boat cleaners of a shiny new motor yacht Azimut 60. At the beginning we thought it will just be a bit of scrubbing, polishing a waxing, that we will have plenty of time to translate and write. Pity, that the visions of  bright futures much too often vary from the reality. In fact, we could have plenty of free time. If only there were not the circumstances. It’s always by the force of circumstances that we are made to throw away those rose-coloured glasses and tuck up our sleeves. In our case the circumstances took the form of two typhoons, broken pontoons and more.

Now we finally have the time to sit down and put it all down on paper. Be patient, it will all appear here gradually during next week.

And did I mention how badly we miss our little boat?!

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