Klubíčko, Mirror dinghy

Klubíčko (Ball of yarn) is a Mirror class dinghy popular in the U.K. and other countries like South Africa and Australia.

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Technical details

Portsmouth Yardstick = 1386 (1364 Single-handed, 3 sails)
LOA = 10 ft 10 ins (3.30 metres)
Beam = 4 ft 7 ins (1.39 metres)
Draf = 4 ins (0.09 metres) (Board raised)
= 28 ins (0.70 metres) (Board down)
Mast Height = 16 ft (4.9 metres) (Mast and Gaff)
(From Deck)
Mast Length = 10 ft 8 ins (3.3 metres)
Gaff Length = 9 ft 3 ins (2.8 metres)
Boom Length = 7 ft 6 ins (2.3 metres)
Sail Area = Main 49 sq ft (4.6 square metres)
= Jib 20 sq ft (1.9 square metres)
Spinnaker = 47 sq ft (4.4 square metres)
Rig = Gunter with optional spinnaker.
Weight = Complete 135 lbs (61.29 kgs)
= Hull only 98lbs (45.5 kgs)
Volume of Hull below Sheerline = 1.15 cubic metres
Volume of Buoyancy Tanks = 0.53 cubic metres
(46% of Hull)


The Mirror is a small, light, easy to sail, easy to transport, pram dinghy. Basically a stable family boat for all ages and abilities, ideal for just “messing about”, it is also raced widely and actively both in the UK and abroad. Its ease of handling makes it a very good single-hander. For racing the crew is two but when pottering three can be carried. The boat can be rowed or fitted with a small outboard motor – it can then accommodate four or five people. Ideal for training young people, it is an RYA-adopted Junior Class. Many of the UK’s top sailors started in a Mirror! A strict one-design, the Mirror became an International Class in 1989.

From Mirror Statistics.

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