Boat projects

Soon to appear (watch for the subpages in the Pages menu on the right):


  • stove and LPG cylinders installation

The head

  • Why have we decided to have “only” a bucket and how it works in the real world.


  • prefilter higher up
  • raw water strainer
  • seawater intake (no strainer, but effective way of cleaning when clogged) new plumbing distribution
  • sea water siphon break


  • teak repairs
  • solar panel arch
  • aautopilot plug


  • sanding
  • blisters
  • quandry about paint: hard or soft
  • deck hardware rebedding


  • lights:
    • sailing: tricolor
    • motoring bow lights + all around anchoring light for motoring (stern white turned off)
    • bow light + stern white light as backup for tricolor
  • depth sounder

Ground tackle

  • nový řetěz, nová kotva, spád pro řetěz ve skříni na přídinew chain, new anchor, chain locker downslope problem


  • DIY windvane
  • sheet-to-tiller self-steering arrangement

2 comments to Boat projects

  • John Petersen

    Hi I am new to the Monsun 31 and just bought a used one in Sweden. Could you tell me more about your gas installation, where do you hide the bottles and if your Force 10 is gimballed.

    • Hi John,
      congratulation on buying this great boat. We have two Worthington horizontal aluminum 5kg bottles on the deck, screwed to a teak rack, which is bolted though the deck (well sealed, no leaks). A flexible hose leads forward to a through-deck fitting and then back to the stove. Our stove is not gimballed, but we have installed extra large railing around the stove, which can hold our pressure cooker or a cattle even in quite bad weather. Works like a charm! Let us know if you have any more questions 😉
      Good luck

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