In case we didn’t made it (in time)…

Tomorrow we set sail from Labuan to Johor Bahru. That will take us couple of days and it might as well happen that we won’t be able to wish all of you Merry Christmas.

Now that our engine is firmly attached to our boat again (more on that later) and the interior is painted, thanks to Jana’s efforts, we have been granted the permission by the gods to leave the enchanted port of Kudat. We are now anchored in the Victoria harbor at Labuan, rain is pounding on the cabin, bread is baking (you should smell it!) and we are excited to heave the anchor and spend few days at sea.

This Christmas doesn’t feel at all like it should. It’s not the first time we spent Christmas away from home, but even in Taiwan we’ve noticed Christmas happening. Here in Malaysia not so much. You get to hear to an occasional cheesy Christmas song, but that’s not enough to do the trick.

If we are to spend the Christmas Eve (The Christmas happens on the evening of 24th for us), let’s hope we’ll be able to catch ourselves a nice mahi-mahi… and Jana tells me that she is going to make the best potato salad ever!

Merry Christmas ya’ll!

4 comments to In case we didn’t made it (in time)…

  • Yibo

    Merry Chrismas to You 😉
    I love the indian breakfast with roti at Johor Bahru!
    Enjoy sailing and fishing…

  • Merry Christmas guys! We are now back on Chasamba, fixing up the rust and all the other things that happen when a boat is on it’s own for 15 months. Have a good sail to Johor Bahru!

    • Hello and thank you very much for your wishes! We are now in Kuching after quite a rough passage from Labuan, shopping for new house batteries and waiting for a suitable weather window to try to cross to Singapore. Wish you all the best getting your boat ready for sea again and hope to see you somewhere down the road!
      PS: Please say hello to John and Cissy from us!

  • Hey there! Thanks a lot and belated Merry Christmas to you, too! So we didn’t make it all the way to Danga Bay after all. Had some very bad weather and had to top up on diesel and water. Now we are in Kuching and waiting for a suitable weather window to try to cross to Johor Bahru. Maybe next week…

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