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Janna, Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun, is a no-nonsense sturdy long distance sailor that has never been modern and will never be unmodern, with no less than 904 yachts built between 1974-1982 in Swedish Hallberg-Rassy yard. This type of boat has circumnavigated several times, been around Cape Horn and all this without need for special strengthening of the boat.

Janna's sailplan

Janna's sailplan

Janna‘s rig has been changed by the original Swedish owner by an addition of bowsprit. Alse our mast seems to be roughly half a meter shorter than a stadard one, but that’s just our guess. Both forestays carry roller-furling headsails (one on Harken one on Furlex). We still haven’t changed our 15 years old rigging, but we intend to do it this summer. At the same time, we remove roller on the inner-stay and set it up for hank-on jib with two additional reefs. We will keep roller only on the forestay, because this sail is too large for Janička to handle. With the present configuration, we can’t sail with both jibs out, but we can live without that. Our mainsail has full battens, which hold tha camber of the sail in perfect shape, which allows even a gentle breeze to fulfill  it’s purpose, i.e. flow, reduce pressure and move us forward. In addition we also carry full-battened mainsail, trysail and symetrical and asymetrical spinnaker. We will have boomgallows above the cockpit, part of which will be awning to protect us from the elements, but it will be removable to protect the boat when the hell breaks loose. Bobstay has not been very elegantly designed, so we will probably have new one made to keep our minds at ease.

Janna - Interior

Interior of Janna will undergo probably the largest changes. We wanted large oven and that made us buy stove without a gimbal, since gimbaled stove would not fit in. We wanted to place the stove opposite to the gangway where it will be close to the center of the boat. The top of the stove will be practically in the axis of boat roll. When something after all spills out, and many a steamed sailor has had that experience, it will spill on the cabin floor to starboard or on the port cutting board and not on the cook. But we are still not sure about that and recent so far we’ve been able to cook even in quite choppy seas. We will have double sink and underneath it will be a container with a hand pump (which are used for insecticide sprays in gardening), which will provide us with pressurized water in the galley. We might also pour some hot water into the container and turn it into a shower. Sea water is brought to the galley by a foot pump. In the floor of the cabin, there is a small opening where we can fit enough vegetable for a week or so and most of the time is quite cool there, so the greens keep rather fresh.

Janna's Sideview

Janna's sideview

The navigation table turned out to be a good place for a notebook when navigating with electronic charts. The quarter-berth will be turned into storage and wet nook, where a drenched helmsman can rest without pickling  the the whole cabin with salt. Under a lid in the wet nook, there will be the unbreakable ‘bucket ‘n chuck it’ sanitary system. Where there is a toilet on standard Monsun’s, we will have an ice chest or 12V fridge, similar to those for cars. We haven’t made our final decision on this matter yet. However, it is now more that clear to us, that one can go very easily without refrigeration. Electrical friges are cranky and expensive and we have already learned to store almost everything (except for meat) for a week or more (and all this without any special wizardry). Seems, that fridge is really only good to cool a beer… or two.

Technical information

Designer Olle Enderlein
LOA 9.36 m / 30′ 9″
LWL 7.50 m / 24′ 8″
Beam (Šířka) 2.87 m / 9′ 5″
Draft (Ponor) 1.40 m / 4′ 7″
Displacement (Výtlak) 4 200 kg / 9 250 lbs
Balast 1 900 kg / 4 200 lbs
Sail area (Plocha plachet) cca 40 m² / 430 sq ft
Motor Volvo Penta D1-30A
kW / HP 20.9/28.4
Diesel tank 120 litres / 32 US gallon
Water tank 160 litres / 43 US gallon


  • kotevní řetěz:
  • hlavní kotva: Rocna 20, http://www.rocna.com
  • větrná turbína Air-X Marine, výkon 400W při 24 uzlech


  • Main tackle: Rocna 20 and 60m, Acco G40 Galvanized High Test 5/16″
  • Air-X Marine


HR 31 Monsun – Colour Brochure

Monsun Manual (swedish)


Drawings of Janna made in MS Visio: janna-sailplan, janna-interior-new, janna-sideview

Pdf version of drawings: janna-sailplan, janna-interior-new, janna-sideview

Disclaimer: the drawings are not exact. They are but traced drawings from the Monsun manual and the colour brochure.

Survey checklist we have created: Survey_checklist, Survey_sails

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