LyZ: LyX plugin pro Zotero

LyZ je plugin pro bibliografický manažer Zotero (verze 2 a vyšší), jehož smyslem je zpříjemnit práci s vizuálním editorem pro LaTeX LyX. Bohužel jsem zatím neměl čas přeložit tuto stránku do češtiny. Zdrojový kód je zde:

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190 comments to LyZ: LyX plugin pro Zotero

  • MHW

    Works great (on Ubuntu 10.04). I’m especially grateful for the plugin since exporting the whole Zotero-Database would produce flawed BibTex files (probably due to special characters some abstracts). Thanks so much!

  • For whoever it was that wanted the „lastchecked“ field, try using this slightly patched BibTeX translator:

    You might also be interested in this slightly patched version of LyZ: which lets you choose which BibTeX translator to use (in addition to giving a new cite key for use with the slightly patched Writer2LaTeX at

  • ajj

    Hi, I’m a very lost new user. I downloaded the plugin, see the Lyz menu, have Lyx running, have set the bibliography in Lyx to my .bib file, have been making citations without any problems, have now set the path to the lyx server, but am getting lots of errors when I update in Bibtex: „specified LyXServer pipe does not exist“ „Wrong path to lyxserver“ „Could not contact server at: \\.\pipe\lyxpipe“ and „Could not retrieve document name“.
    Obviously, my settings are all wrong. (1) What can I change? (I’m using Windows 7) (2) And anyway, where do I tell Lyz which bib file I want new entries to be written to? Not at all clear from documentation. Thanks.

  • ajj,
    the errors you see seem to occur on some systems, usually windows, for reasons unknown. I don’t have windows 7 yet, so I can’t be of much help right now. Sorry. It seems quite stable on xp at the moment.
    As for the bibtex file, please see „Adding and inserting citations“ Item 2. For a new document you are asked to create new bibtex file, or use one that you have created previously with Lyz.
    Good luck

  • ajj

    Thanks for your reply and your patience with novices like me. After much opening and closing of programs I learned that I must open firefox *after* have my document is opened in Lyx. This was the critical step that I missed. Thanks again for writing this extremely useful program.

  • ajj

    Sorry to be a pain. But lyz is turning out to be very unstable on my Windows 7 machine. It works fine for the first insertion after opening up lyx and then opening up firefox. But then errors are generated upon trying to insert a second citation. Here’s the first error:
    Could not contact server at: \\.\pipe\lyxpipe

    And then the second error:
    Could not retrieve document name.

    But note: after 3 repetitions of trying to insert and getting these two errors, it finally inserts. This is very consistent.

    This is all very mysterious to me. If you ever have any suggestion, it would be much appreciated.

  • I get an occassional error myself and there are reports from others. I will try to look into it soon, once I’ll be able to allocate some time for it 😉 Stay tuned…

  • fffred

    I was just wondering if there was any plan for a Firefox4-compatible version of LyZ, as Zotero 2.1b2 just got compatible.
    By the way, I also get the error reported above „Could not contact server at: \\.\pipe\lyxpipe“. It happens only when I close the Firefox window and open (I use mac os x).

  • fffred

    Oops I forgot to thank you very much for this very useful plugin !
    Thanks a lot

  • Will do. Thanks for reminder.
    And thanks for the error report. When you try again (to insert citation I presume), does the error still remain?

  • fffred

    Yes, when I try again to insert a citation, it keeps displaying those three errors. It stops only when I quit Firefox and start it over again.

    By the way, it would be really great to have an additionnal option „remove form lyx“, in order to clean the bibtex file. 😉

    Thanks again for the great job.

  • fffred,
    thanks. I try to find time to figure out what to do. I thought about the „remove from lyx“, but it seemed like not such an important feature. It shouldn’t happen that often that you want to remove a citation and it won’t appear in the references unless you cite it anyway 😉 But, sure, I agree, only if the day had more hours :) Now I have to port it to new Zotero API, but I just have so little time to look into it.

  • This single addon makes lyx an order of magnitude more useful to me. Please let me know what I can do to help.

    I’m using lyx 2.0 beta -and svn- and LyZ seems not to work there. It works perfectly fine on this computer while using 1.6.8, so I think this rules out quite a few compatibility problems.

    Now that 2.0 is approaching rc end of the year, it’d be nice to have it working by then. But of course, it all depends on how much free time you have Petr. Btw, lyx 2.0 is awesome :)

  • I am indeed looking forward to Lyx 2.0. But I didn’t have time to play with it so far, and it didn’t work for me straight away on Windows. I get on it soon. Look under the Christmas Tree 😉

  • Chris

    Hi Petr,

    thank you for lyz, your great connection piece of software.

    I got everything to work well now, here is my feedback: Since zotero’s bib export does not convert the ø character to latex’s \o properly (but inserts a „?“ instead) I had to enable the utf8 export.

    Unfortunately the cite keys then got somehow messed up. They now look like this:

    (i.e. they now contain that additional „functionendsit…;“ string between author and year)

    But all characters in the documents look good with utf8 encoding. :)

    • Petr

      I added the utf8 primarily for Chinese and the likes for which the use of bibtex keys derived from title and author would become unreadable anyway. So the idea was just to use the zotero id. After all one does not really need to read the keys using Lyz. But I confess that when in Lyx, I rather use the citation dialog and I have Lyz just for keeping my references in sync. I put that on my todo list, but can’t promise that it will be very soon. I try my best 😉

  • Chris

    Just as you say, the keys are nothing to worry about too much, they just seem to expose the presence of some bug. Everything else works fine. A Happy new year Petr!

  • Peter

    @Paweł Jochym: I have the same problem with „Update Bibtex“

    LyZ will delete all bibtex keys from .bib file(which I used before using LyZ) when I run „Update Bibtex“.
    Pawel can you send me your fix please?

  • That’s actually an intended behaviour. I suggest to leave the „pre-lyz“ citations in a different file and add that file to LyX bibliography together with the file managed by LyZ.

  • jacktanner

    Just a reminder to push out the 2.0.1 ver of LyZ via AMO when you can. Thanks for all your work on LyZ!

    • Petr

      thanks. It’s already there, waiting for a full review. Not sure how long that takes, it’s my first 😉 In the mean time you can download it from here.

  • jacktanner

    Petr, that link to /stuff is broken. However, the unreviewed LyZ 2.0.1 is already available from AMO (with a stern warning for installing unreviewed software).