LyZ: LyX plugin pro Zotero

LyZ je plugin pro bibliografický manažer Zotero (verze 2 a vyšší), jehož smyslem je zpříjemnit práci s vizuálním editorem pro LaTeX LyX. Bohužel jsem zatím neměl čas přeložit tuto stránku do češtiny. Zdrojový kód je zde:

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190 comments to LyZ: LyX plugin pro Zotero

  • Thanks a lot! I have searched for this function for a long time!!!
    I think I do not need to export bibtex file every time when I change it…So wonderful!

  • Dear, I have wrote a brief introduction to LyZ on my blog (in Chinese,, and I’d like to translate this post into Chinese later on. Thank you again for your wonderful work!

  • Petr

    太好了! 謝謝你 😉

  • Done! See if you like…:)
    By the way, can you understand Chinese? That’s really surprising!

  • acestrong

    Great job!


  • Sounds great! I was always looking to prevent this extra export of data into a .bib file from zotero.

    But I have some problems:
    1. Your plug-in does not export special characters like German umlaute correctly.
    2. Deleting and renaming of bib and lyx-record does not work for me.

    But I’m working on a Mac, perhaps this explains the problem. What a pity! – I really would need your plug-in!

  • Petr

    thanks for you interest. Please let me know more and I try to fix it. 1. export the entries you have problem with to bibtex and send it to me ( 2. in what way does not the deleting and renaming work? Please look in firefox menu bar Tools>Error Console, there should be an error message.

  • weremoose


    thanks for this plugin. I am using lyx on my mac and have problems using bibdesk for my references. I like zotero for this much more. I installed lyz and I can’t get it to work for some reason. I cannot find lyz preferences anywhere as well. In the add-ons lyz preferences is disabled and I don’t know if I have to make any changes. I get the cite in lyx option but I can’t get the citation in lyx. Any ideas or similar problem? Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks again and happy new year!

  • I feel like an idiot, but I cannot get past the first step. I already have zotero. I installed the LyZ addon & restarted firefox. In Lyx I set the lyxserver path.

    But where is the „LyZ“ menu? How do I find it? In the Firefox Tools panel, it says I do have LyZ installed, but the preferences button for LyZ is gray, it can’t be clicked.

    PS: there’s a misspelling in your title. you have an extra r in „integration“ in Firefox’s addon listing, you have „LyX intergration plugin“

  • Petr

    thanks a lot. I have corrected the typo.
    The Lyz menu should appear in Zotero, left of the advanced search button. Lyz preferences are in the Lyz menu.
    If you don’t see it, please let me know what platform are you on and please check in Firefox menu: Tools> Error console. There should be an error message.
    Do you use any other Zotero plugins?

  • M!

    First: thanks for all the efforts you make
    I have installed LyZ. My question is when I click on „Update bib Tex“ which .bib database it updates or how can I link the Bib Tex database that I created and inserted in the new document in LyX with Zotero, so when I click „Update BibTex“ that database to be updated.

  • M!

    solved! I do not know why it took some time to ask me to create a new database. It functions perfectly

  • R Ferreira

    Great tool!
    But I’m dealing with a kind of an error… When I cite in Lyx using Lyz pluging for Zotero I manage to see te citation in Lyx workplace but not in the previewed document where I only get a „[?]“.

    Can anyone help me on this one?


    • Petr

      Sorry for late reply, do you still have that problem have you already solved it? It seems that you haven’t inserted the Bibliography into the document. Cheers

  • Mircea

    Hey Petr, thanks for this plugin, it is really needed in the latex world :)
    I have a problem with it, though – I use Kile instead of LyX and LyZ simply does not work. I set the lyxserver correctly, but when I try to push the citation to LyX (Kile, actually), Firefox freezes and I have to kill it. Can you think of what could go wrong here?
    Thanks again for this!

  • Petr

    I have glanced at the Kile server implementation and my guess is that the hangs are caused by the fact that the Kile server only supports two commands that LyX server has and does not communicate back at all. So LyZ is waiting for response, which never comes.
    The functionality that Kile supports is very basic (only inserting citations and the whole biblipgraphy), so creating a separate plugin for Kile would be the simplest way. So none of the the convenience functions that LyZ has, will be possible for Kile. Btw. I’ve used Kile for a while, but I never saw how it could be even remotely compared to Emacs/AucTex/RefTex/Ebib.

  • Justin Wood

    I’ve been having some difficulty with citation records that contain non-ascii characters, like these:
    title: limiting … to 2 °C
    author: Voß, Jan-Peter

    After some messing about, I’ve finally learnt that BibTeX=LaTeX, and so rather than try to have these as Unicode in the BibTeX file – which won’t work – they need to be written as escaped LaTeX.

    title: limiting … to 2 {{\textdegree}C}}
    author: Vo{\ss}}, Jan-Peter

    This then works as I need it to with the LyX document set as Unicode UTF8, as you say above (and including package ‚textcomp‘ in the document LaTeX preamble for the degree symbol).

    I also can get Zotero to export the underlying .bib file this way if it exports in a non-UTF8 encoding: so far „Western (MacRoman)“ and „Western (Windows-1252)“ have done the trick. That’s on my Windows box too; I will normally be using OS X.

    I’m telling you all this because I’d like to suggest that you update LyZ to allow setting the BibTeX export file encoding to handle this situation. I’m assuming Zotero’s API would allow you to do this, but I haven’t been able to find the necessary method to check at this point. (I was hoping to temporarily modify your JS code to test this before coming here.)

    Hope you feel this is worthwhile, thanks!

    PS – I have LyZ working fine on OS X, but so far I can’t get it to work on Vista32 (LyX 1.6.5). Nothing happens when calling Cite in LyX (no request to create bib file)

  • Petr

    Justin, thanks. The „ß“ can be crunched by bibtex without problems. Only the degree symbol is problematic. Good idea about the encoding choice, I will look at it soon.

  • Petr

    Btw. I have no idea what Vista is about. Try to have a look at the Error console in Firefox and try to start lyx from commandline with ‚-dbg lyxserver‘ option.

  • Marsh

    Dear Petr,

    Great add-on. It makes Zotero complete.

    I’ve only run into one small problem. If a web site or report is authored by an organization, LyX/LaTeX breaks the organization name into a „first“ and „last“ name. The way to avoid this is to use double curly brackets in the BibTeX database, but LyZ is only putting single brackets. For example, we want {{National Bureau of Economic Research}} but LyZ is putting {National Bureau of Economic Research}. As a result, without editing the .bib file, the References will have an entry: „of Economic Research, National Bureau.“

    Thanks again.

  • Petr

    Thank you. I have tried putting the organization name into the single field and manually enclosing it with brackets, which seems to work fine (only LyX displays it incorrectly, splitting the name), but this might be limiting if you also use Zotero with Word or OOo plugins.
    I am not sure how to distinguish organization from an author.
    In fact all the export to bibtex is identical with Zotero’s, except for the citekeys, so this issue would be better dealt with in Zotero code.
    The only solution I can see would be to add another type of creator in Zotero (such as Organization), which would be handled during export to Bibtex by double brackets.
    Someone must have had this issue with Zotero already, have you found some discussion about it? I try to look, later today, someone must have had this problem.