LyZ: LyX plugin pro Zotero

LyZ je plugin pro bibliografický manažer Zotero (verze 2 a vyšší), jehož smyslem je zpříjemnit práci s vizuálním editorem pro LaTeX LyX. Bohužel jsem zatím neměl čas přeložit tuto stránku do češtiny. Zdrojový kód je zde:

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190 comments to LyZ: LyX plugin pro Zotero

  • Julie

    Hi, and thank you for the plugin !

    I would also be very interested in the use of Lyz with Kile – actually I installed Lyz but I do not really use it; I have to export my zotero library in bibtex, open it with jabref and use it in Kile, but if I could use only Zotero it would be great and I would save a lot of time. I’m still a beginner and cannot write code, so I think I will wait for the improvement…

    • Petr

      I hear you :) I can’t find a good reason why would anyone want to use Kile instead of LyX. It’s so much more comfortable! I keep the request in mind, but not much can be expected, only simple citation inserting…

  • chrystus

    Good idea! Regards

  • Jonathan Hansford

    Am using Zotero Standalone but not Firefox and unable to download Lyz from Mozilla website. Tried the link at the top of the page but it took me to a login screen for WordPress. Searched the web for a download site and ended up at Softpedia:

    Hope this link helps others arriving at this page.

    You could really do with fixing your link at the top of the page!

  • Jonathan Hansford

    I downloaded lyz-2.1.4-fx.xpi from Softpedia and installed it into Zotero Standalone. I restarted Zotero and can see Lyz in the Add-ons Manager, but the only options I get are „More“, „Disable“ and „Remove“. Clicking on „More“ gives me the option to switch automatic updates on or off.

    I cannot find any opportunity to view the Lyz options, nor can I see any Lyx-related options in the context menus.

    A search for „lyz“ in about:config returns:

    extensions.enabledAddons :,,

    extensions.installCache : [{„name“:“app-global“,“addons“:{„“:{„descriptor“:“C:\\Program Files\\Zotero Standalone\\extensions\\“,“mtime“:1340199845140},““:{„descriptor“:“C:\\Program Files\\Zotero Standalone\\extensions\\“,“mtime“:1340199844906}}},{„name“:“app-profile“,“addons“:{„“:{„descriptor“:“C:\\Documents and Settings\\dev1\\Application Data\\Zotero\\Zotero\\Profiles\\j6ooagye.default\\extensions\\“,“mtime“:1340276452609}}}]

    I have even tried rebooting my PC and restarting Zotero Standalone.

    I am running:
    Lyz 2.1.4
    Zotero Standalone 3.0.7
    LyX 2.0.3
    WinXP SP3

  • Dominik

    Doesn’t seem to work with zotero 3.08
    Am I doing something wrong? The citation exported into lyx is ill-formatted. I just have a long string with authors etc.

    In general, does this plugin have a future? Would my workflow with zotero > lyz > lyx be future-proof? I have just considered trying out lyx. Since I heavily use zotero I guess I abandon lyx again if zotero integration doesn’t work.
    But thanks for trying!

    • Petr

      can you provide more details? Seems to work just fine on my computer.
      Re the future: Can’t promise much. I won’t be using LyX much in the near future. I would like to keep LyZ updated, but I am also considering giving it up, if there’s someone out there who would keep maintaining it.

  • Do you still maintain LyZ? I’d be interested in maintaining it.

  • Hi! It doesn’t work for the latest version of Zotero… any solution?

  • Could you please update the plug-in. I get the message that this plug-in is not compatible with this version of Zotero

  • Or just give the link to the new guy. I can’t find where he is maintaining the plugin at all. I tried.