Compass adjuster

Compass adjuster

Inexperienced compass adjuster

Multilingual RSS feeds and email subscriptions from WordPress using qTranslate

Writing a multilingual blog with the help of the great qTranslate plugin is quite easy. Except perhaps that you are basically locked into using online editor included in WordPress. Offline editors quite naturally don’t support multilingual title and text. One big problem that you will face are RSS feeds and email subscriptions. I was looking for a solution and the simplest way to do it is to use page templates and separate feeds for each of your languages.

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Our new table in action

We’ve scrubbed the boat from the mast all the way down to the keel. Now it’s time for some harmless intellectual enjoyment. Finally we are using our new folding table. Still testing if we like it this way, but so far so good. Looks like we might keep it and finish it.

We can’t wait when we have a group of hungry kindred spirits over for a dinner one chilly evening… Don’t be a stranger when you pass by!

Folding cabin table in action

Folding cabin table in action

Improved new article notifications

Dear friends,

we have improved our new article notification options. Czech and English news are now separated.

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The end of the blackout

Apologies to our readers. There is nothing wrong with your television set. We were just unable to find the time to write down all that has happened.

Next week we are going to finish a temp job as boat cleaners of a shiny new motor yacht Azimut 60. At the beginning we thought it will just be a bit of scrubbing, polishing a waxing, that we will have plenty of time to translate and write. Pity, that the visions of  bright futures much too often vary from the reality. In fact, we could have plenty of free time. If only there were not the circumstances. It’s always by the force of circumstances that we are made to throw away those rose-coloured glasses and tuck up our sleeves. In our case the circumstances took the form of two typhoons, broken pontoons and more.

Now we finally have the time to sit down and put it all down on paper. Be patient, it will all appear here gradually during next week.

And did I mention how badly we miss our little boat?!

Few pics from the day after typhoon Jelawat


The day after…


Still stormy outside


Our friend Nick with a sizeable way in the background 


Pontoons in the Bisha marina had a hard time coping with the undercurrent. This one, right next to us, almost broke away

New LyZ maintainer needed

I haven’t been maintaining LyZ for a while. Can’t find the will to sit down and open Emacs any more. Apologies for that.
We’ve been working on our boat a lot lately and are about to leave the shores soon to go cruising. So, the chances that I will do any substantial work on LyZ are slim.
Anyone out there who would like to take over? Drop me an email:

Hodman’s Blues


Janiččina metamorfoza

My metamorphosis (Notice the blue object I’m getting rid off in the left side of the picture)

Location: Taiwan

Current weather conditions: more than 30 degrees during the day followed by tropical nights

I’m lying on the port settee (Petr is sleeping on the starboard one) and in the middle of the night I suddenly turn over. Mind you, it’s not that easy though. First, I have to unstick my hair from my sweating neck and spread them over the pillow behind my head so that it won’t stick to my face again…

Or picture this: We are about to drive our scooter and I have to untie my ponytail and plait my hair in order to put the helmet on my head…

Or: I’m mixing a salad, seasoning a soup, kneading bread dough, working with epoxy, painting or varnishing… the list just goes on and on – each time at least one of my hair finds its way into the mixture or spoils the job…

Or just yesterday: I’m carefully scanning our almost clean cabin floor and suddenly, in the corner in the direction the fan usually blows, I spot a wisp of blond hair – it certainly doesn’t belong to Petr…

Once again I find myself musing about the times eight years ago, when I also had my originally long hair cut short. In order to really make the move, I went through some photos taken during my ” Sinéad O’Connor period”, but even at that point I have basically already made my mind. Do you still find it too extreme a decision despite the different situations described above? Just picture this: We’ve just sailed into a beautiful anchorage with crystal clear water. Once our anchor is lowered and we are all settled down for the rest of the day, without thinking twice Petr just jumps directly into the water, while I observe him enviously from the deck considering whether I should follow his example, even though it means getting my hair wet and then getting rid of all the additional salt that might get into the boat. One thing is for sure, I won’t be doing this kind of reasoning with a crewcut! Plus this way we get rid of not only my comb and rubber bands, we no longer need to have a bottle of shampoo on the boat! :)

You can see the whole metamorphosis here: Picasa album

New Photos Documenting Our Latest Progress

Hooray! Our cockpit has been finally restored to its original glory!!! You can have a closer look at how it looks now as well as at a couple of other pictures here.