Fotky (staré)

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  • Richard van Heyst

    Dear colleague Monsun owners,

    As a rather new Monsun owner I used all information on the Internet to think about how to refit my Monsun. The pictures on your website were of great value for me! Currently the refit is done although some deficiencies are left. One aspect is furling of the main.

    I noticed that you use jam levers for furling the main sail and additional still have the original boom (picture P2230593; ‚Poprvé jsme zkoušeli i velkou genou’; February 2008). I fitted 3 Selden jam levers but unfortunately the reefing lines (10 mm) are slipping through. What jam levers do you have? (if it is Selden it should be marked with a unique part number).

    Lots of joy on your Monsun Janna!

    Kind Regards,

    Richard van Heyst
    The Netherlands
    Hallberg Rassy Monsun no 298 ‚ Sya’.

    • Petr

      Thanks! We are glad that all this is helpful. As for the reefing levers, we’ve never really investigated what type they are (I’ll have a look this weekend) and we reef without them quite comfortably.