Janna’s Track So Far

We have been meaning to post maps with at least partial tracks of our voyages so far, for we can describe from where towards where and really try not to miss any island or rock that we passed by but in this case words just can’t compete with a map. A single glimpse and you are immediately up to speed! Not to mention the tongue-twisters and jaw-breakers that lots of the Filipino geographical names present to us ignorant foreigners. Try telling someone: “Today we passed Guintungauan and anchored at Ditaytayan.” Or Inambuyod, Dilumaoad, etc. Plus we found out, that sometimes same toponyms are used for different places. So far we anchored at two “Maricaban”s already. The former being an island in Verde Passage between Luzon and Mindoro, the latter a bay on the north coast of Busuanga Island.
In short, a map is a map and here we finally managed to create one (sometimes the speed of the internet and poor internet access here is real maddening! Especially when you spent last 30 something minutes clicking your track on Google Maps only to lose it all when the internet connection is suddenly lost) that roughly follows the trail we sailed so far, including all the anchorages we stopped at. In retrospect our favorite place so far is definitely Apo Island, whose gorgeous underwater world and breathtaking sunsets are just unbeatable! Not many people stop there but if you find yourself in the vicinity, you must definitely give it a try!

View Taiwan to Puerto Princesa in a larger map

3 comments to Janna’s Track So Far

  • Yibo

    As i can see you like challenges… so i would appreciate also on the map a little fish everytime you catch one and of course the name of the fish (not necessary in Latin!) Now in Taiwan we catched Tuna.

    • Haha! Now this is an easy one! To be honest, the sad and quite embarrassing truth is, we haven’t catch any fish so far…:( It’s not that we haven’t been trying, actually most of the time we were towing not one but two lines, experimenting with different lures but except for sea grass not a single fin… However, we are told that this is pretty standard situation here, since the local waters are pretty much fished out. Hopefully, it’ll be better around Borneo! And then I will make the map for you! :)

  • Yibo

    BORNEO !! Rain Forest Festival, Orang Outan, Kuching…
    I look forward to see the little fish on the map and the picture of Sashimi 😉

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