Anti-gravitation equipment

I’ve spent yesterday fighting the power of gravity, the adverse consequences of the centrifugal force and the malignant inertia.

Few years ago – yes, we are already counting our life with Janna in years, this was autumn 2009 – when we converted the original small wardrobe and wet locker into much more specious wardrobe shelves, we knew right away that we will need something to prevent our precious garments to fall out. It was obvious that they will fall out and they did. Not too often, though. Actually they stood put in many hairy conditions, so we didn’t feel too bad about postponing what should’ve been done much earlier.


When a gale’s-a-blowing and the boat is tossed around by the elements, the last thing you need are your undies all around the cabin sole.

After a short discussion, we decided to go for a net. Simple and efficient and above all cheap! And it doesn’t look too bad either. On the port side opposite to the wardrobe is a space where the toilet used to be and where we tend to throw bulky and light stuff. We put a net there as well. Now it’s an official storage. The net is stretched on a bungee cord.

Our home is yet cozier.


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