Charles Aznavour — Take me along (slova a akordy)

Při poslechu a neumělých pěveckých pokusech jsme zjistili, že slova, která kolují na internetu, jsou na mnoha místech dosti mimo. Pokusili jsme se tedy o nápravu situace. Akordy nejsou úplně přesně zarovnány, ale s tím už si každý poradí…
Ještě upozornění pro ty, kdo tuto píseň neznají a čas od času se zahledí na horizont, ona je to taková námořnická hymna, alespoň v jistých kruzích. A nezapomeňme také na francouzský originál. Anglická verze je zde.

INTRO: Am  E7  Am   E7

Am                          G                        Am  E7
On the docks where the boredom of life is all that I own
Am                                G                Am E7
I see boats coming in with the fruits of places unknown
F               G              F              G
I watch as they come from the world in the sun
F                       C
That I see, in my mind
F            G              F                G
But then it's farewell to this cold northern hell
C                      E7
They can leave far behind
Am                          G                Am   E7
Let me go where they go, let me fly the winds that they fly
 Am                     G                              Am
For to stay in this place will destroy a man such as I 

Am        E7                  Am
Take me along, a long way from here,
            G7                C
take me along to a far away shore
                  E7          Am
When you're poor it's easy to bare
            F        E7   Am
with sunshine and soft summer air 

At the end of the day in a bar, with sailors I stand
And I talk about girls, about love a glass in my hand
But then in my dreams, I can travel at seas on a boat southern bound
And there I can hold all the magic and gold of the love I have found
When the bars on the Key side are closed  alone I remain
I continue to dream and each night the dream is the same 


Very soon I will take any job or chance, that I can
Though I dream like a child for my dreams I'll work like an ant
Work and with pride for my ticket-to-ride where the sun shines for me
Surviving any storm, to be wild, to be warm, that's the way I must be
I'll be leaving behind no regrets and all of my past
And I'll go to the sea as I sail to freedom at last 



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