New version of Lyz released

Version 1.6.8, which fixes:

  • a bug causing Firefox to freeze
  • unhandled missing author

Many thanks to John and Pol for help tracing these bugs down.

5 comments to New version of Lyz released

  • zeigerpuppy

    Thanks so much for LyZ, it’s a really useful addon that hopefully will be integrated into Zotero at some point.

    The plugin works fine with the following process:
    1) create LyX document and insert bibliography
    2) use LyZ to pipe new references to LyZ

    I assume that LyX somehow knows how to pick up the references in the refs.bib.lyz~ file.
    All fine up to this point.
    However, if I try moving the document, the references break
    I also noticed that they are in a different form than the Zotero/Bibtex/LyX standard.

    When I insert references the old way, they are referenced as [author_title_year]
    but Lyz inserts them as [authoryeartite].

    This means that when I update the bibtex file or move the document folder, the LyZ inserted references are broken.

    I tired changing the LyZ preferences to author_title_year but it doesn’t understand this syntax.
    Any ideas of how to solve the problem?
    Also could you explain how LyX finds the references in the lyz temp file.
    I have had problems with the „Update Bibtex“ command in LyZ, so I do not use it…

    Thanks again for the great software, I am very greatful as it is a part of my daily workflow.


  • Petr

    that’s strange. I’ve just tried that and it works quite well. I don’t see how ‚time‘ could appear there. Does that happen with all your citations?

  • zeigerpuppy

    I fixed that part, I think I may have mistyped the setting,
    however, had one more question. The way that LyZ formats the reference is a little different to LyX.

    In LyX, I get, for example: (Mates et al., 1994)
    while LyZ gives: Mates et al. (1994)

    this causes problems for the document as references are not properly bracketed.
    Interestingly, if I click on the reference in LyX and the click OK, it fixes the format, but it would be good having this as default from LyZ

    My LyZ setting is „author _ title _ year“ but „author title year“ does the same
    I have also tried „( author title year )“, there appears to be no difference.
    I’m not sure if this is a LyZ problem or a LyX bug?

    I am using natbib (author-year)
    the format of the bibliography is plainnat

    Thanks for your assistance, I hope these queries help to make LyZ more usable for everyone!

  • Petr

    You stumbled upon something. That appears to be a problem in Lyx, because Lyz uses it’s server to send commands and the only command available is citation-insert. So I don’t see a way Lyz could do anything about this behaviour. I try find out more about it.
    The citation key has no effect on that. It only affects the format of citation keys (in the bibtex file).

  • zeigerpuppy

    Thanks, it is quite a weird behaviour.
    It may be that there is something in the LyX setup that is causing it,
    please email me if you need any more details of my setup.